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Zowlar Inc.

Go paperless with Zowlar

We’re digital software experts providing solutions to organisations around the globe. We service businesses in North America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Asia including Australia and India, as well as Europe.


We aim to become the leading digital software company by providing the most innovative solutions to our customers.


We want the world to go paperless, and we’re providing the digital solutions that will enable business to get there.


Paper and manual processes will be a thing of the past with our software services accessories and networking solutions. From digital displays and tablets to networking and email marketing, we have practical solutions that enable companies to improve efficiency and reach a larger audience.


Our customers spend less time on operational tasks and more time focusing on what really matters, their customers.

Meet the team

Experienced and skilled

Amanda Swensson

Creative Director

Jeremy Dupont

Chief Executive Officer

Marianne Smith

HR Manager

Gary Napier

General Manager

Who We Are

Zowlar is a digital software company that provides digital solutions to a range of industries around the globe, making it easy for organisations to go paperless.


Our software services accessories and networking solution include apps, digital sign-in, email marketing, networking, as well as products like tablets, digital mall displays, standing digital displays and much more.


We make it easy for organisations to go paperless by providing practical solutions to operational challenges. We ensure that our solutions integrate seamlessly into our customer’s daily operations with minimal disruption.


Our digital solutions will improve operational efficiency by taking our customers businesses from manual operations to digital ones that are productive, secure and innovative.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a paperless world by providing digital software and networking solutions that all businesses and industries can easily access. We aim to help organisations improve their efficiency, data security and customer interaction so they can focus on growing their businesses.


We want all companies to have the opportunity to take their organisations into the digital era without disrupting their daily operations. Our software services accessories and networking solutions are easily accessible, integrate seamlessly and are easy to use.


We aim to offer practical digital solutions that solve our customer’s problems. We want every customer to utilize our solutions to improve their business, whatever industry they’re in and whatever products and services they offer.

Who We Are

Our software services accessories and networking solutions use the latest technology to ensure that our customers have access to the leading market solutions. We keep up to date with current technology trends to ensure our customers aren’t left behind. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that they’re being provided with the latest digital solutions.


Our solutions fit seamlessly into our customer’s operations so they can hit the ground running and focus on what matters most, their customers. Our solutions are high-tech yet they’re easy to integrate and user-friendly meaning our customer’s daily operations aren’t greatly affected when they’re implemented.


We have a strong focus on providing tailored solutions so our customers get exactly what they need to improve efficiency and grow their business. We ensure our solutions directly address our customer’s problems resulting in amazing results.